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EFT Clients

"After visiting Ros in my hour of need, I feel that I have to send this message due to the fact she brought me back from the realms of despair, when in January I didn't believe I would ever be able to function again. Ros has some revolutionary ideas (EFT & Matrix Reimprinting) and I must admit I was extremely sceptical. To my amazement it worked and I am at this present time feeling superb! My course of counselling/EFT has now finished but if ever I get a relapse in the future there will only ever be one person i ring. Once again thank you Ros for everything you have done".

"I am amazed. The difficult childhood memories dont' bother me any more. I was overwhelmed with sadness but not now. I am able to let it go. I can live in the present and not the past".

"I was very sceptical. I didn't think that something so simple could relieve such deep emotions."

"Since my back operation I had been in constant pain until I had EFT."

"Winning the lottery wouldn't give me so much pleasure as EFT."

"My anger and hate of my father have vanished completely. A great weight has been lifted from me."

"The swelling on my knee disappeared in minutes and it's never come back."

"EFT has given me my life back."

"My speech has improved enormously since I had EFT after my stroke. I can hardly beleive this simple process could make such a lasting difference."

" I don't know where my negative feelings went, but they have gone".

" I can't thank you enough, especially for the EFT which was amazing".

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