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Fly Without Fear

Are You:

  • Avoiding a holiday abroad or missing friends and family overseas? 

  • Craving a cigarette so much it spoils your journey?

  • Consuming excess alcohol to calm your nerves?

  • Prevented from taking the job or career you really want?

  • Arriving at your business destination too stressed to focus on the job in hand?

The Problem

Anxiety linked to air travel is a very common problem, at a time when flying is becoming cheaper, easier and more of a necessity than ever. Stress-related symptoms such as panic attacks can spoil your journey or even prevent people from travelling at all. Business trips in particular can be affected by stress, which may reduce performance at critical times. All airlines have smoking restrictions on all their flights, now including long-haul. Many passengers therefore feel anxious on their journey and may avoid long flights altogether.

The Solution

Ros Powell is committed to helping sufferers overcome their anxieties by teaching cognitive behavioural techniques. These have proved effective in helping people to control irrational anxieties and debilitating fears. Ros has helped many people who are nervous about flying and has a high rate of success with the individuals she has seen. The fear can be conquered even before taking a flight. These new skills can be learned quickly and easily and may have immediate beneficial effects. The need for a calming cigarette can be much reduced by using these skills, allowing sufferers to feel confident in taking those flights previously avoided. Professional help can help to minimise alcohol consumption and may also reduce the incidence of 'air rage'. 

 The Skills Can Help To:

  • Improve confidence before and during the journey

  • Cope well with any anxiety during the flight

  • Understand the fear

  • Learn to think in a positive way about the trip

  • Reduce cravings for cigarettes or alcohol

  • Help Includes:

  • Anxiety control

  • Challenging negative thinking

  • Learning the facts about flying

Specialised Relaxation Soundtrack

Easy to learn relaxation skills will help you to visualise yourself feeling confident preparing for, and taking your flight. There is also a track which can be used during your flight to help you to feel calm and in control. However listening during take off and landing is prohibited. Click here to learn more about the Fly without Fear soundtrack.

Client Quotes

"I would like to say that I am glad I saw you, as without you I do not think I would be able to get on the plane."

"You made flying a much more pleasurable experience for me."


"I can honestly say I cannot wait to fly again."

Fly Without Fear: The Clinic
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