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Stressed Woman

Stress & Depression

Many factors may contribute towards these debilitating conditions, including overwork, feeling trapped in a situation, a sudden change in circumstances or experiencing unmanageable problems. Symptoms may include: insomnia, loss of motivation & concentration, changes in appetite, panic attacks & suicidal thoughts.

Stress management can help clients to overcome distressing symptoms and develop specific coping techniques. Many aspects of the client's life may need to be changed, including attitudes, beliefs, negative thinking and life style. Some of the symptoms of stress and depression are:

  * Lack of motivation
  * Loss of concentration
  * Mood swings
  * Change in appetite
  * Changes in sleep pattern
  * Inability to make decisions
  * Increased alcohol, tobacco or drug use
  * Negative thinking

Many people find that they are unable to tell anyone about their state of mind and it is advisable to visit a GP for urgent help during these times. Counselling offers clients a safe place in which they can offload their thoughts and feelings, work through their problems, which may seem insurmountable, and begin to move forward. Negative thoughts and attitudes can be explored, and small steps can be made towards changing life patterns, by setting short, and eventually, achievable long term goals. This process helps clients to reduce negativity which may have previously dominated their lives, and move forward towards a more satisfying and effective way of life. Confidence and self-esteem are usually restored and may even improve.

Stress & Depression: The Clinic
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