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Post Traumatic Stress

This can be a difficult and distressing condition to deal with. Those who have been exposed to severe trauma, such as assault, personal injury or have been witness to trauma, may need specialist help in order to help them return to a normal lifestyle. Sufferers frequently isolate themselves, suffer disturbed sleep, fear for their personal safety and become hyper-vigilant. Other symptoms may include: flashbacks, depression, bad dreams and an increased intake of alcohol. Those who use alcohol as a coping mechanism, may experience very negative consequences.

Other symptoms may include: avoiding the scene of the incident or crowded places and constantly watching for what they may perceive as threatening situations. They may experience constant thoughts of the trauma and frequently find it difficult to concentrate.

Attempting to cope with this alone, or with those who are unable to understand the problem fully, can be almost impossible. With professional help a normal way of life can be re-established in a relatively short period of time, if help is sort relatively quickly.

Post Traumatic Stress: The Clinic
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