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Matrix Reimprinting

It is a scientific fact that there is an electromagnetic field surrounding the body. The heart generates the most powerful of these fields, 60 times more powerful electrically and 5000 times magnetically than the brain. The heart field radiates 10 feet from the body in a 360 degree sphere sending information 24 hours a day.Scientists have discovered that the heart sends information to the brain and the body through the heart's electromagnetic field and also communicates emotional states throughout the body.

Matrix Reimprinting is a recent development by British EFT Master Karl Dawson which utilises these electromagnetic fields, or Matrix, to change unwanted thoughts and behaviours, leading to a more healthy way of thinking and being. By working on what Karl refers to as "ECHOs", which essentially are past traumas and unresolved issues, physical and mental health can return.

Martix reimprinting has become a recognised therapy in its own right and often produces fast, permanent and positive changes in unwanted behaviour and negative belief systems which are easily interpreted as facts rather than learned beliefs. For example: "I'm useless".

These behaviours and beliefs are "imprinted" in childhood and are learned from parents, teachers and other significant role models in life. This can result in unhealthy beliefs about ourselves, others and the world.

Martrix Reimprinting is often a gentle, quick and easy process and does not require reliving past traumas in depth. It includes some basic EFT techniques, which use tapping on a number of acupuncture meridians, together with appropriate dialogue between the Martix practitioner and the client.

Internationally renowned American cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton has discovered that not all DNA is permanent and can change in seconds, minutes or hours depending on the environmental and internal beliefs. He is quoted as saying:"Our beliefs and perception of the environment are the control mechanism that shapes our DNA and health".

Therefore it is a scientific fact that recovery from both physical and emotional problems is a real possibility and that EFT and Martix Reimprinting can help to facilitate this process.

Meta Medicine can be used for physical health problems and is a diagnostic tool based on the theory that most physical health problems have an emotional base, each type of disease or physical symptom having a different emotional cause. When this is identified it can be resolved using EFT and Martix reimprinting.

Brief case studies:

1. A  married woman who was sexually abused as a child recovered completely in 2 sessions and was able to lead a normal life for the first time. "The trauma I suffered doesn't affect me now. It is just a distant memory. It feels like a weight has been lifted from me".

2. A young woman who thought she was ugly, felt beautiful and special in 1 session. "It has changed my life".

3. A woman who had been traumatised by the physical and emotional abuse of her partner recovered in 2 sessions. "I don't know how it works but it does."

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